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ActionBikes2Work enables any employee on PAYE
to make savings of up to 42% on the cost of a
new bike and safety accessories.

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How does it work?

The employee repays the cost of the bike via an initial hire agreement with the employer, this is where the savings happen. At the end of the initial 12 month bike hire agreement you have paid back the cost, however, there are some tax implications. So, to avoid this, an additional free loan agreement is agreed, after which ownership can be transferred to the employee for £1. We've made it easy for you to set everything up by including all the information you need in our pack.

See what you could save

Because the hire payments are made using a salary sacrifice (before PAYE deductions) it means you don’t pay tax or national insurance on the price of the bike. So although your salary will be reduced by the full price of the bike, you pay less tax on your remaining income. Saving you up to 42% on the bike cost. It can be quite hard to explain, so hopefully the charts below can help.

Higher rate taxpayer

Price Gross
monthly reduction
monthly reduction
You pay Saving
£500 £41.67 £24.17 £290 £210
£800 £66.67 £38.67 £464 £336
£1,000 £83.33 £48.33 £580 £420

Lower rate taxpayer

Price Gross
monthly reduction
monthly reduction
You pay Saving
£500 £41.67 £28.33 £340 £160
£800 £66.67 £45.33 £544 £256
£1,000 £83.33 £56.67 £680 £320

So if we look at the lower rate tax payer as an example and you choose to get a £1,000 bike, your gross salary will be reduced by £83.33 per month. However, because there is now less money to pay tax on, your NET salary will only be reduced by £56.67. So the £1,000 bike costs you just £680, saving you £320.

3 Easy steps

Get a quote

Make sure your employer is willing to take part in the scheme and then come and speak to our team who can advise you on the perfect bike for your needs.

Get our pack

Buy our pack for £10 which has all the information you need, plus a £10 in store voucher. Once everything is signed, the employer pays us for the bike.

Get riding

Once we have received payment we will contact you to arrange the collection of your bike. And don't forget to ask our team when you have any questions.

For a limited time only, the ActionBikes2Work pack is free!

Any bike, any time

So long as the value doesn't exceed £1000*, you can choose any bike and commuter accessories. It is even possible to have two separate schemes running together, one for the bike, and one for the accessories.

*Unless your company holds a consumer credit license, in which case the value of the bike and accessories can be up to £3000.

Do as you please

As long as the main purpose of the bike is commuting, other use is perfectly fine. There is no need to log your mileage, or hit a certain threshold, so it is perfectly fine to stick to the train for those wet and miserable mornings.

Still stuck?

We completely understand, it took us a long while to get our heads around it too. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have to do with the scheme and we'll be happy to run through things with you. If need be we can send someone along to your company.

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If you like the sound of the Cycle to work scheme and your company isn't already enrolled, then ActionBikes2Work is exactly what you need. If your company is already enrolled just make sure we accept your voucher, and come in for a quote.

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