B & W Bike Case

B & W Bike Case
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The B & W Bike Case is a generously sized carrying case which is suitable for road and mountain bikes. It will accommodate all frame sizes, including downhill frames. The aluminium anti-shock frame holds the bike frame very securely; it has adapters to cover almost all axle types.

The Bike Case from B & W is a tough and durable. It is made with reinforced corners, robust smooth-running wheels with reinforced axles and integrated tension belts. It features four wheels, a fifth centre wheel to support heavier loads, handles in all sensible places, two padded wheel bags and numerous other usability and security embellishments. It has been designed specifically to stand up to rough baggage handling and to protect your bike when you are travelling.


  • Rectangular shell case
  • Strike-proof ABSmaterial, black
  • Surrounding aluminium frame
  • Four free running castor rollers with reinforced axle
  • Additional wheel in the ground
  • Double shell thickness in the roller area
  • Three hinges and three lockable clip locks, flush with frame, two butterfly locks
  • Four handles and a reinforced pilot handle for ideal handling comfort

Internal Features

  • Anti-shock-frame (a-s-f) for a secure fixation of the bike frame in the case
  • Fully-Kit for prolonging the a-s-f
  • Bike disc for stabilisation of case-shell
  • Two padded wheel guards


  • Inside dimension:      1255 x 850 x 320 mm
  • Outside dimension:    1280 x 890 x 345 mm
  • Package dimension:   1330 x 950 x 360 mm
  • Net weight:    ca. 13.20 kg
  • Gross weight: 15.90 kg
  • The dimensions stated are width x height x depth for a closed upright case or closed upright bag.