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The Brompton is a bike which rides superbly, is safe, agile and fast, yet folds easily and quickly into a highly-compact and portable package. The result is a vehicle that increases your sense of freedom and independence.

Please Note.....These Bikes are Custom built to order - the total will be displayed once all selections have been made and the dispatch time (usually 6 to 8 weeks) will be confirmed.

There are four members in the Brompton family – the S, M, P and H Types – designed for different styles of riding and distinguished by their handlebar styles

The S TYPE  Straight, low bars , offering a sporty ride position and a lightweight, positive feel.The pay-off is less room for front luggage.

The M TYPE  The original Brompton ‘look’, offering a more upright ride , at the cost of a little more weight.The all-rounder in the range,  plenty of room for luggage at the front.

The P TYPE  Designed with the touring cyclist in mind, two positions offer the rider a choice between an aerodynamic profile and more upright control, ideal in traffic.,

The H TYPE  Combining the classic looks of the M Type with a markedly more upright riding position (height 1072mm), the H Type is for those who like to travel with unhurried style.


The Gearing

There are four gearing options, and each of these can be lowered or raised to suit your riding style and terrain. 

1  SPEED  The purist’s choice: light & simple and without clutter.

2  SPEED  Based on the unique Brompton derailleur system, this is the best set-up for flexibility and portability: one gear for hills , one for cruising.

3  SPEED  The BSR (Brompton Standard Range) hub is an updated version of the classic Sturmey Archer three-speed hub in an aluminium alloy shell.  a popular choice for everyday cycling.

6  SPEED  Combining the highly-efficient BWR [Brompton Wide Range] hub with our derailleur system gives six evenly-spaced gears.With low transmission losses and wide range, this is the right choice for touring and for hilly areas.


Mudguard & Racks

VERSION  E   Is The lightest and least expensive option; but there’s no pump and no protection from water and dirt on the road.

VERSION  L  Is Equipped with mudguards, and is essential for non-fair weather cyclists.

VERSION  R  Has a carrier on the bike It can be useful and does increase the stability of the folded package.The die-cast aluminium rack comes with shock cords and can easily manage loads of up to 10kg.



STEEL  On all Bromptons, steel is used for the main frame and handlebar stem.steel gives rigidity to the vital link between handlebar and pedals, which is the key to good handling.

SUPERLIGHT  Offering weight savings of almost 1kg, this option will appeal particularly if you expect to carry the bike regularly. High-strength titanium alloy is used in place of steel for the rear triangle and front fork, as well as on the mudguard stays; an aluminium alloy headset and extra-light front wheel also feature. No pump is fitted with this option. Titanium’s natural properties also offer increased comfort over longer journeys.


On a bike with an all-steel frame you can opt for one colour or two, with extremities and main frame contrasting; the one exception is Raw Lacquer, which is only available for the whole frame, not in combination. On Superlight bikes, the titanium parts are unpainted, so only one colour may be chosen (for the main frame and handlebar stem).



BROMPTON SADDLE  Comfortable, practical and light: this high-quality unisex saddle has been designed by Brompton for our bikes.  and the ingenious Brompton Pentaclip allows stepless adjustment of the saddle angle.

BROOKS B17 SPECIAL  Available in male and female (Brooks B17 S Special) versions, this traditional saddle will give years of comfortable cycling, the leather moulding with time to the rider. Finished with hand-hammered copper rivets, copper-plated metalwork, and fitted with the Brompton Pentaclip for stepless adjustment.



Our lighting systems are specifically designed for our bikes and are safe from damage in the folded package. Any of our lighting options can be fitted to any bike,

BATTERY  The LED rear lamp with integral reflectors, which stays fixed to the bike, was designed especially for Brompton and gives a good bright light. At the front is the neat, powerful 3-LED battery lamp, easily removed for folding with a quick-release. Batteries are included.

SHIMANO HUB DYNAMO  Hub dynamos offer a very reliable lighting solution and this one, especially adapted for the Brompton by Shimano, offers very good performance at a keen price. Features include a Busch & Müller “Lyt B” LED front lamp and a stand-light function at the rear.

SON HUB DYNAMO  The SON hub is beautifully engineered, highly efficient, and will give years of reliable service. A powerful Busch & Müller LED front lamp, featuring an automatic light-sensing function, and a stand-light function at the front as well as the rear, complete this premium package.