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Pro racer or beginner, no-one should be uncomfortable on a bike

Bike Fitting ServicesCycling is not just about the bike. It’s about creating perfect synergy between rider and machine. It’s about comfort, it’s about efficiency, it’s about riding faster and further which means getting a perfectly fitted bike.
Bike fitting adapts the bike to fit your body. Everybody is different and so are their bike fits. By taking in to account flexibility, range of motion and riding style, our Trek trained fitters can help you to achieve your optimum cycling position which will improve your comfort, performance and also reduce the likelihood  of injury.
Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time would  benefit from having their position assessed to ensure cycling efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. All cyclists, no matter how experienced could benefit from having a thorough analysis as part of a Bike Fit. Women especially can benefit  from a bike fit as unfortunately, there are still fewer options available to women when buying a bike and so Bike Fitting can be vital in achieving the perfect cycling position.
We offer the Bike Fitting Sevice at our Embankment and Wimbledon stores and our staff are fully trained, professional and friendly. We have a female bike fitter who can be found at our Embankment store.
The Bike Fitting service includes :
  • Interview to ascertain your cycling experience + goals
  • Personal measurements, for that important adapted fit
  • Standing Evaluation + Range of movement assessment
  • Measure & Record of existing bike set up
  • Apply & Test custom fit parameters to customer’s bike
  • Record and summarise fit session

Cleat alignment forms part of our bike fitting service and customers should allow up to 2 1/2 hours to complete the whole process.



  buy any pair of pedals and shoes and get free cleat alignment  


The most important step after buying cycling shoes is to align the cleats correctly. They should be positioned under or just behind the ball of the foot and adjusted to prevent stress to the hip, knee and ankle joints. Note each foot may be different.
We have two systems in-house (KeO Fit & RAD Kit) to allow us to assess the best set up and make the necessary adjustments. Correct cleat alignment significantly reduces the risk of knee related problems and improves pedalling efficiency.


Cleat Alignment £35
Bike Fit inc Cleat Align £130




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