Brompton Saddles

Saddles are vitally important to your comfort and performance when you are cycling. They can mean the difference between a good day's riding and soreness and acute discomfort. There are many types of cycling saddle and they come in different widths and a variety of materials to suit specific disciplines needs and preferences. There are women's saddles, designed to meet the needs of female cyclists, and we also cater for children with quality saddles for kids. We have a broad range of saddles specifically designed for road or racing bikes. There are also mountain bike saddles and saddles designed for sport and leisure use. The more minimalist seats are geared towards racers who want to save weight, some of which have channels to relieve pressure on your more tender parts. The larger, padded saddles and gel covers tend to suit recreational cyclists and those who ride less frequently and for shorter distances. We have a range of quality leather saddles from Books, and performance, sport and leisure saddles from Bontrager. 

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