Brooks 2016 B67-S Select

Brooks B67 Select
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The Brooks B67 Select is a men's bicycle saddle which is suitable for touring and commuting. It has an organic leather top, steel rails and hand beaten rivets and a coil sprung design which will absorb impact and vibration when you are cycling. This is a high quality saddle which is made from the very best organic leather which is a porous material which provides natural ventilation. The result is a saddle which always stays cool so you will be comfortable in even the warmest weather.

The B67 Select is an upgraded version of the standard B67 saddle. It is made from the finest organic leather and has steel rails and hand beaten rivets. It is an expertly made saddle which will retain its shape, and even improve after it is broken in and become truly yours. Every detail of this saddle has been thoroughly considered, and it is finished to the very highest standard. This saddle is made to last, and like all the finer things in life, it will only improve with age.


  • Rails: Steel
  • Weight: 870g
  • Width: 205mm, Length: 260mm