Donate a Bike

Donate a Bike
We welcome donations of:

Bikes of all types

a) Mountain bikes and hybrids - these strong bikes are particularly suitable for unmade African roads;
b) City and commuter cycles (often with 3-speed hubs, mudguards and parcel carriers) - these are very practical cycles and 3 speed hubs are low maintenance;
c) Shopper bikes (with small wheels, typically with 3-speed hubs, mudguards and parcel carriers) - these are very easy to ride, even for inexperienced cyclists, and are very quickly adjustable for riders of different heights;
d) Road Bikes (Racing and Touring cycles with drop handle bars and narrow tyres) - although these are not happy on rough, unmade roads, they can be sent to projects based in cities that have better road conditions;
e) Full-suspension bikes - if these are in at least reasonable condition. Many budget bikes of this type and of poor build quality. In good condition they are very suitable for use on rough roads in Africa;
f)3 wheeled Adult Trikes - great for riders with balance issues.

Bike tools are very useful

Bicycle parts are always in big demand

Bike manuals and books (to help promote a cycling culture)

Workshop Tools -especially bike specific tools but also general workshop tools such as metric size spanners & socket sets, hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaws, allen keys, pliers, files etc.

Wood and Metal Working tools (which we collect for TWAM - see Links for more information)

Sewing Machines (also collected for TWAM)