Hoo Ha Ride Glide 236ml

Hoo Ha Ride Glide


Hoo Ha Ride Glide has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of female cyclists, so if you want to avoid the burn (know what I mean?), slather it on to your nooks, crannies and your chamois and enjoy the instant cooling sensation.

Hoo Ha Ride Glide is a herbal cream which is full of natural goodness for your skin. It will lubricate, soothe, encourage healing and provide anti-bacterial protection so if you're a girl who likes to cycle, spin, turbo or do triathlons, this will make life a lot more comfortable.



  • Anti-Bacterial: natural ingredients that have shown to have medicinal properties that dramatically reduce the risk of infections, including avender, tea tree leaf, peppermint and eucalyptus leaf essential oils
  • Accelerates Healing: epilobium angustifolim flower/leaf/stem extract and vitammins E, B5, and C help heal and soothe any current chafing, friction burn or saddle sore
  • Anti-Inflammatory: phellodendron amurense bark extract, sandalwood, barley and licorice extract decrease inflammation and increase comfort
  • Anti-Chafing: protects delicate skin by creating a comfortable friction free barrier using FDA approved ingredients
  • Safe & Healthy: no parabens, fragrance, or animal byproducts/testing