Kids Trade Up Programme

Trade UP with the kids Trade up programme


Trade Up to a bigget bike and save money!



How it works

If you buy a new kid’s bike from us, you can bring it back within 3 years and trade it in. At that time, we will give you up to 50% of what you paid for it as a credit towards the next size bike.

Join the Programme

Bring in ANY kid’s bike in decent riding condition and receive 10% off a new kid’s bike.

Which Bikes may I Trade Up To?

You may trade-up to any new larger size bicycle that is intended for use by a child/teenager. You may not trade for a same-sized or smaller bicycle.

What happens to my old bike?

When you bring a bike to us we will do our best to fix it up for another family to use. Any bikes that do not sell within a year will be donated to charity.


Terms and Conditions

  • Only at Action Bikes Whitton, Wimbledon and Sheen
  • We hope you understand that if its in bits or a bit trashed the value is going to be less
  • One bike per trade in
  • Maximum bike size you may trade up to is 16" frame adult bike