Mezzo D-10 Folding Bike

Mezzo D-10
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Meet Mezzo, a compact folding bike that's designed to fit into your life.

Developed in the UK, the Mezzo achieves a new level of performance and practicality with unrivalled handling for its compact size.

Mezzo offers choice. Whether you are heading off for work, relaxing at the weekend or travelling further afield, Mezzo means convenient and enjoyable transport.

Enjoy the freedom that only a folding bike can offer. And enjoy the ride that only a Mezzo can deliver.

Where will your Mezzo take you?

Whichever model you choose, your Mezzo will provide practical urban and leisure transport that's easy to use and great fun to ride

The new D10 is a new breed of sports folding bike with outstanding performance yet with the convenience of a folder.