Our range of warmers will help you to survive the colder cycling months and keep you on your bike through the worst of the winter weather. These essential items are made from technical fabrics and are easy to carry with you and will help to keep you warm and dry when you are cycling in cold and wet weather. We stock arm and leg warmers to protect you from cold wind and road spray, neck gaitors to keep the cold wind at bay, thermal caps and headbands for winter riding and commuting, and balaclavas for when the temperatures plummet. So now there is no excuse for staying indoors when the weather is cold, our range of warmers from Foska and Bontrager will keep you toasty and warm throughout the winter months.

£11.99 (£2.00 VAT inc.)
£14.99 (£2.50 VAT inc.)
£17.99 £16.50 (£2.75 VAT inc.)
£17.99 £16.99 (£2.83 VAT inc.)
£17.99 £16.00 (£2.67 VAT inc.)
£17.99 £16.99 (£2.83 VAT inc.)