Workshop Detail

Please note-All prices excude any parts required.

Basic Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  £30 £49.99 £69.99 £129.99
Visual Inspection Of Bike
Frame and Forks Wiped Down    
Frame Stripped and Cleaned      
Tyres Checked for Faults
Tyres Inflated to Correct Pressure
Tyres Replaced as Necessary    
Tubes Replaced as Necessary    
Brakes Checked for Faults


Brakes Adjusted
Brake Pads Replaced if Necessary  
Brakes Replaced if Necessary    
Brakes Stripped and Cleaned      
Cables Checked for Faults
Inner Cables Replaced if Necessary  
Outer Cables Replaced if Necessary  
Derailleur’s Checked for Faults
Derailleur’s Adjusted  
Derailleur’s Replaced if Necessary    
Derailleur’s Stripped and Cleaned      
Wheels Checked for Faults
Wheels Trued in Bike    
Wheel Bearings Checked and Tightened    
Wheels Trued in Jig      
Wheel Bearings Stripped and Re-Greased      
Headset Checked for Faults
Headset Adjusted as Necessary  
Headset Replaced if Necessary    
Headset Stripped and Re-Greased      
Bottom Bracket Checked for Faults
Bottom Bracket Adjusted    

Bottom Bracket Replaced if Necessary

Bottom Bracket Stripped and Re-Greased      

Chain and Cassette Checked for Faults

Chain and Cassette Cleaned and Lubricated  
Chain and Cassette Replaced if Necessary    
Chain and Cassette Stripped and Cleaned      
Chain set Checked for Faults
Chain set Cleaned and Lubricated    
Chain set Replaced if Necessary    
Chain set Stripped, Cleaned and Lubricated